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1. How much does therapy cost?

Each 50-60 minute session costs $125. Typically, I recommend weekly sessions in the beginning, with the option of transitioning to biweekly when it feels comfortable. If you have specific questions about cost, I am more than happy to discuss those with you. 

2. Do you accept insurance?

Currently, I only accept Blue Cross Blue Shield of AL. I can provide paperwork to help in getting reimbursement for other insurances, but I also encourage the client to reach out to his or her insurance company first, since I cannot guarantee coverage. 

3. How do you know if someone needs therapy?

Deciding to start therapy is a personal choice. Everyone faces challenges throughout their lives and sometimes we need help learning how to handle them. Different challenges call for different solutions; what may work for one person may not always work for another. Therapy can be helpful in learning how to handle new challenges and better equip you for potential future challenges. 

4. I heard rumors that you bring your dogs to work--do you actually have dogs there?

Yes! My two pups, Waylon and Eli, come to work every day with me. They are sweet and love cuddles; however, if you have a fear of pups or significant allergies, then I may not be the best fit for you. 

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